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PhD Programme in Pharmacology and Physiology

After admission in the PhD Program in Pharmacology and Physiology, the student will fulfil an inscription at SIGMA platform that should be renewed every academic year in a course entitled “Tutela Académica”. More information about inscriptions in the PhD Programmes RD 99/2011 in the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Within three months after inscription in the program, the Academic Committee will designated the PhD Thesis director and codirector, if needed, that will be the guarantors included in the document “Motivation letter” that is required for admission in the program. These documents can be downloaded from the following link:

The PhD candidate will then provide EDUAM with the “Learning and Good Practices" agreement signed by the PhD candidate, director(s), tutor and PhD program coordinator. EDUAM will submit this document to the Research Vicerrector for final processing.

Functions and obligations of the PhD candidate, director and tutor can be found in the document “Compromiso Documental de Supervisión de Tesis". Moreover, information on the “procedure for resolution of conflicts” or aspects related with intellectual or industrial properties, can also be found in this document. The template of the “Compromiso Documental de Supervisión de Tesis" can be found at the following link:



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