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Plan de Estudios


The Master in Molecular Biomedicine offers 5 specific areas of specialization, oriented to different pathologies: Cancer, Immune and Inflammatory Diseases, Neurological Diseases, Cardiovascular Diseases and Rare Diseases.

The Master has a modular organization. The student must take 60 ECTS throughout an academic year, of which 30 ECTS will be theoretical-practical modules (5 modules of 6 ECTS) and the other 30 ECTS will consist of a single experimental module that will be carried out in a laboratory and will be focused on the development of a Research Project. This project will be carried out in one of the research groups attached to the postgraduate program and under the supervision of a tutor. At the end of the Master, the student will have to prepare a written work (Master's Thesis) and proceed to its presentation and defense.

Mandatory Credits: 42

  • ECTS Compulsory subjects: 12 ECTS.
  • Master's Thesis: 30 12 ECTS.

Optional Credits: 18 12 ECTS.

Itineraries: 5

  1. Molecular Oncology.
  2. Immune and Inflammatory Diseases.
  3. Neurological Diseases.
  4. Cardiovascular Diseases.
  5. Rare Diseases.

Structure for the Master in Molecular Biomedicine: Modules

  • Common
    • BM1. Critical Analysis of Scientific Literature.
    • BM2. Applied Statistics for Molecular Bioscience.
    • BMM1. Animal Experimentation and Bioethics.
  • Optional (Choose 3)
    • BMM2. Molecular Pharmacology.
    • BMM3. Genetically modified animals: Strategies and Applications.
    • BMM4. Advances in the Study of Immune Diseases and Inflammation.
    • BMM5. Advances in Research on Diseases of the Nervous System.
    • BMM6. Cancer Biology.
    • BMM7. Frontiers of cardiovascular research.
    • BMM8. Molecular Genetics of Rare Diseases.
  • Master's Thesis: MMB‐TFM: 30 ECTS..

The Master's Thesis (TFM) will be carried out in research centers that have an agreement with the UAM. For more details: ciencias.biomol.uam.es.

The written work with the results and conclusions of the final Master's project must be written in English while the oral presentation and defense of the same can be done in Spanish or English.

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