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Quality guarantee system

PhD Programme in Pharmacology and Physiology

The PhD Programme in Pharmacology and Physiology embraces the Internal Quality Guarantee System (Sistema de Garantía Interna de Calidad, SGIC) from UAM Doctoral School (EDUAM). More information on SGIC, as well as it composition and the procedures to assure quality levels for Doctoral studies can be found at the EDUAM website.

In accordance with SGIC, the Academic Board of the PhD Programme in Pharmacology and Physiology will be responsible body for quality assessment within the Programme. The Board will analyze the results and reports derived from SGIC and, if necessary, take actions for improving quality.

In order to collect information and opinions from all groups participating in the PhD Programme, the Academic Board has designed a consultive group formed by PhD candidates and administrative staff. The composition of this group is as follows:

PhD candidates:

  • Inés Valencia Fernández, Research Line 01.
  • Eric del Sastre López, Research Line 03.
  • Alicia Muñoz Montero, Research Line 04.

Administrative staff:

  • Beatriz Caro Miranda, EDUAM.

For quality follow-up and the implementation of improvement actions, the Academic Board will elaborate a yearly report based on a series of indicators that will help identifying strengths and weaknesses of the Programme. The report of the academic year 2019-2020 is available.

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