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Extracurricular Internships

Extracurricular Internships

Prácticas externas extracurriculares

Extracurricular internships are those that students decide to carry out voluntarily during their training period and that do not form part of the Syllabus in spite of having the same purposes. However, they can appear in the European Diploma Supplement according to existing regulations.

Any student enrolled in undergraduate o postgraduate studies of the Science Faculty can carry out extracurricular internships. In case of undergraduate studies (Bologna Plan), it is advisable to have passed 50% of the overall degree credits.

¿Where are they managed?

This type of internship is carried out  directly by the Oficina de Prácticas Externas de la Facultad (Faculty Internship Office )(module 10, 2nd floor). It is in charge of managing and formalizing Cooperation Agreements and required Annexes in order to perform this Internship type under the current regulatory framework.Requirements

For carrying out extracurricular internships, students must have both academic and professional supervisor. 

Academic supervisor will be, preferably, a University professor teaching subjects in the same area of the studies carried out.

Professional supervisor, appointed by collaborating entity, will be a person related to it with professional experience and required knowledge for carrying out an effective supervision (under no circumstances it will be the same as the academic supervisor).

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