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Facultad de Formación de Profesorado y EducaciónFacultad de Formación de Profesorado y Educación

Aramburuzabala Higuera, Pilar

91 497 2861
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Resumen curriculum vitae

BS Pedagogy, BS Primary School Teacher, MS Speech and Language Therapy, and PhD in Education by the Complutense University of Madrid; MS Special Education at Hunter College of the City University of New York.

Her training in Education and her work experience have developed mainly in Spain and New York City, where she worked as a bilingual speech and language therapist, education evaluator and researcher. From 1997 to 2008 she worked as Assistant Professor of Education in IE University (former SEK University) of Segovia (Spain). She is currently working at the School of Teacher Training and Education of the Autonomous University of Madrid as an Associate Professor (Profesora Titular).

The integration of her academic and professional experience led Dr. Aramburuzabala to be convinced that “learning is much more than knowledge acquisition, it is a process of transformation and improvement as human beings, in which teachers and students are learners”. In order to facilitate the change towards the new educational paradigm, Dr. Aramburuzabala is involved since 1999 in training teachers and tutors of different educational levels, including higher education. According to Dr. Aramburuzabala, “it is necessary to professionalize teaching and encourage innovation, not just methodologically but also leading to a conceptual change that implies personal and shared reflection regarding the own teaching practice”.

Since 1989 Dr. Aramburuzabala has participated as principal researcher and coordinator of international projects related to teacher training, childhood and health education. Her work has been published in various books and scientific journals, national as well as international.

Since 2008 she has oriented her research interests towards the fields of service-learning and education for social justice. Dr Aramburuzabala has been working in service-learning projects with university students since 2000. She led the European project "Europe Engage - Developing a Culture of Civic Engagement through Service-Learning Within Higher Education in Europe" (2014-2017), that aimed at promoting service-learning as a pedagogical approach that develops civic engagement in higher education and the creation of a European network. She is the president of the Spanish University Service-Learning Association and a member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Service-Learning Network. She coordinates the Madrid Network for the Promotion of Service-Learning. Dr. Aramburuzabala is an advisor to the Municipal Service-Learning Office of the Madrid City Council. She coordinates the Service-Learning line of the research group “Educational Change for Social Justice” (GICE). On this topic she has lectured, published, coordinated monographic journal issues and organized national and international conferences.
Twitter: @AramburuzabalaP


Recent publications (2013-2018)

  • Aramburuzabala, P., Gezuraga, M. & López de Arana, E. (In press). Aprendizaje Servicio: los retos de la evaluación. In J. García-Gutiérrez & M. Ruiz-Corbella (Editors). ¿Cómo abordar la evaluación en los proyectos de APS? Madrid: Narcea.
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  • Tello Díaz-Maroto, I., Cerrillo, R., Mateos Pedrero, S. & Aramburuzabala, P. (2017). Mejora de la Formación Inicial de Docentes de Infantil y Primaria mediante la Implementación de la Metodología de Aprendizaje-Servicio. In F. J. Murillo (Coord.).  Avances en Liderazgo y Mejora de la Educación. Actas del I Congreso Internacional de Liderazgo y Mejora de la Educación; 189-194. Madrid: Red de Investigación sobre Liderazgo y Mejora de la Educación – RILME. ISBN: 978-84-697-3649-4
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