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Study Programme

Study Programme

Module 1.  Texts. Representation. Discourse.

(Obligatory. 1st semester). (All courses 5 ECTS).

A) Reading. Discourse. Practice.  Theatrical Culture in the Age of Shakespeare. D. J. Amelang, semester 1.

B) Language and Representation in English Language. From Modernist to Confessional in North American Poetry. A. Pérez Simón, semester 1.


Module 2. The Languages of Literature. (All courses 5 ECTS).

A) Modern and Contemporary Poetics in English Literatures. Postmodernism and Beyond: Digital Literature and New Media. B. Piqueras, semester 1.

B) Literature, Language and Power. The Interpretation and Application of the Classics in Modern English Literature. B. Shepherd, semester 2.

C) Literature and Social Transformation in Great Britain. The Making of Modernity. D. Essig, semester 2.

D) Texts and Contexts in American Literature. Kate Chopin´s Fiction: Crisis and Awakening of the American New Woman. E. Piñero, semester 1.


Module 3. Literature and Society: Studying English Language Cultures. (All courses 5 ECTS).

A) Canon, Folklore and Popular Culture in English Language Literatures.  Edgar Allan Poe: Tradition and Innovation in the Tales of the Fantastic. A. González-Rivas, semester 1.

B) Sex and Gender in English-Language Cultures. L. Arce, semester 1.

C) Literature and Memory. Writing the Personal and Historical Past: Autobiography, Memory, Fiction. L. Antón-Pacheco, semester 2.

D) Texts and the Modern Imperial Subject´s Discourse. A Literature of Decolonization: Contemporary Scottish Literature and Devolution. P. Somacarrera, semester 2.


Module 4. Translation Studies.

A) Translation as a Contemporary Cultural Practice. An approach to intercultural transfer through the translation(s) of North-American and British literary prose into Spanish. R. Bautista, semester 1.

B) Translation Practice. Professional Practice of Literary Translation. E. Vázquez, semester 1.


Module 5. Research Seminar. (1st and 2nd Semesters).

The aim of this module is to provide an alternative forum for ideas and debate. No credits are assigned to it this year. It includes a series of formal talks (the LinE lectures) and a series of work-in-progress talks for students and lecturers (the MMES Workshop).


Module 6. Practicum.

A) Text Editing Seminar. Editing Gothic Texts. M. Aguirre and B. Piqueras, semester 2 (5 ECTS)

B) Practicum. B. Piqueras (coord.), semester 2 (5 ECTS)


Module 7. TFM (Master Thesis).

Semestre 2.



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