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What is the Practicum?

The Practicum is an optional part of the Masters curriculum which consists of a period of professional training under academic supervision. As envisaged in the LCCT, it consists of two autonomous subject areas which can be taken independently:

(a) In-house training (‘Prácticas internas’). The specific course associated with this subject area is the ‘Editing Gothic Texts Seminar’ (elective, 1st semester, 5 ECTS credits).

b) Work-experience placement (‘Prácticas externas’) in a firm or institution, tutored by both academic and professional experts; designed for students who wish to acquire professional experience and skills in editing, publishing, cultural management, etc. Students who take it up as an option will have the chance both to put some of their previously acquired skills into practice, and to develop new abilities. In exchange, and depending on the duration of the engagement, they will receive 5/10 ECTS credits.

The remaining information applies to (b) only:

Before the training period starts a special agreement (but not a professional contract) must be signed between the Faculty and the company; this assures the student medical coverage with the University insurance and guarantees a serious compromise between both parties. Although it is not an official requirement, the companies concerned are expected to provide the student with some form of remuneration.

There are already many existing agreements, but companies don’t always offer what the students need if they wish to obtain really worthwhile work experience. This being the case, students are advised to try to locate and make the initial contact with a suitable company. In such cases a new agreement will be considered and, if suitable, signed by the Faculty.

What is the duration of the Practicum?

The student’s training hours will be transformed into credits (1 ECTS credit = 25 training hours, with a maximum number of 10 credits in this Masters programme). The schedule will be established in a formal agreement between the company and the student, which will in turn be accepted by the Faculty on the condition that it is compatible with the student’s class timetable. The maximum number of training hours allowed per day is 5.

How is the Practicum evaluated?

Two tutors will be assigned to the student: a professional tutor (in the company) and an academic tutor (in the department, one of the Masters lecturers).

The professional tutor will be a qualified worker in the company or institution; s/he will guide, instruct and supervise the student’s work in the company. S/he will keep in close contact with the academic tutor, informing him or her of the student’s evolution, and will also write a final report with an assessment of the student’s overall performance during the training period.

The academic tutor may be chosen by the student, and s/he will follow the student’s progress from an academic point of view. The student will write a final report describing his or her professional experience in terms of skills developed and acquired; this report, together with the report of the professional tutor, will be evaluated by the academic tutor, who will give a final mark.


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