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Seminario de Investigación: Structure determination of genomes and genomic domains by satisfaction of spatial restraints

Marc A. Marti Renom
Institución de origen
Escuela Politécnica Superior, UAM
Aula 6, Edificio A, EPS


The genome three-dimensional (3D) organization plays important, yet poorly understood roles in gene regulation. Chromosomes assume multiple distinct conformations in relation to the expression status of resident genes and undergo dramatic alterations in higher order structure through the cell cycle. Despite advances in microscopy, a general technique to determine the 3D conformation of chromatin has been lacking. We developed a method for the determination of the 3D conformation of chromatin domains in the interphase nucleus. The general approach of our method, called TADbit has been applied to study several genomes and opens the field for comprehensive studies of the 3D conformation of chromosomal domains and contributes to a more complete characterization of genome regulation. During my presentation, I will introduce our latest research on the study of dynamic process of transcriptional activation of the SOX2 locus during trans-differentiation.

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