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Welcome to the TRU for Marketing!

This TRU (Teaching and Research Unit) has fifty years of experience in university teaching and the academic study of Marketing. It is currently composed of over two dozen professors and one administrative staff member. Its professors are in close collaboration with firms that specialize in Marketing, which has enabled effective synergies between research and teaching. The faculty have acquired a long trajectory of teaching experience, accredited prestige in research, and/or successful professional careers outside the University. Some professors have also served as consultants to public administration and a wide variety of companies.

The TRU for Marketing is responsible for teaching a wide range of courses in the undergraduate degree programmes in Business Administration & Management (BAM), the Joint Degree in Law and BAM, Tourism, and Aeronautical Management. It is also responsible for the organization of the Master’s in Marketing Management and participates in other graduate programmes.

This TRU is composed of a dynamic set of researchers who work in varied fields within Marketing. Some of the research groups are recognized by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid (the regional government of Madrid). The researchers participate in many projects financed by public and private institutions. The abundant results of these projects give rise to numerous presentations at national and international congresses and to prestigious scientific publications.

The webpage of the TRU for Marketing provides information on the main activities of its professors, teaching in the undergraduate and graduate programmes organized and taught by the TRU, and a sample of the existing groups and lines of research. You can also find detailed information about how to find and contact the members of the TRU for Marketing.





Datos de contacto

TELÉFONO: (34) 91 497 39 29

FAX: (34) 91 497 87 25

EMAIL: ana.cuenca@uam.es


Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales (Módulo 16, despacho 312).
C/ Francisco Tomás y Valiente, 5.
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
28049 Madrid

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Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales  · C/ Francisco Tomás y Valiente, 5 · Universidad Autónoma de Madrid · 28049 Madrid · España