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Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y EmpresarialesFacultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales

Fees and public prices

Public prices are approved annually by Decree of the Governing Council of the Community of Madrid for all public universities.

Table summarizing the most frequently requested services:


Fees Academic year 11-12 (€)              


Familia Numerosa (*)(1st degree)

Personal Certificate2713,5
Notarization of Documents10,235,12
Transcript Transfer2713,5
Issue of Bachelor´s, Engineering, or Undergraduate Diploma151,2975,65
Issue of Diploma for Diploma Degree or Teaching Degree73,936,95
Duplicate copy of Diploma (official undergraduate and graduate)34,717,35

Issue of European  Diploma Supplement (EDS)

To request the EDS, students must have completed their studies by September 1, 2003

Diploma for First Cycle of Study (approved by the Social Council of the UAM)43,87 (***)21,93 (***)
MEC Diplomas (holders of Bachelor´s degrees granted prior to January 1, 1988)

Ministry Fees

Ministry Fees
Duplicate of MEC (Spanish Ministry of Education and Science), Diploma Issue of Master´s DiplomaMinistry FeesMinistry Fees
Issue of Master´s Diploma172,8186,41
Issue of PhD Diploma225,35112,68
Certification of Enrolment Period38,6419,32
Certificate-Diploma of Advanced Study115,8857,94
Academic Tutorial for work on the Doctoral Thesis (**)106,2353,12
Research Proficiency Examination105,752,85
Defence of the Doctoral Thesis140,3470,17
Examinations for Validation of Foreign Degrees142,5171,26
Student insurance1,121,12
Student ID card (reissue)5,995,99
1 Cred. of official undergraduate study in BAM, ECON, TOUR and ECON-FIN (1st  registrat.)14,057,03
1 Cred. of official undergraduate study in AERONAUTICAL MANAGEMENT (1st registrat.)20,6210,31
1 Cred. of undergraduate study in BAM, ECON and TOUR Diploma (1st registration)11,585,79
1 Cred. Official Master´s Programme25,8912,95

(*) Students entitled to benefits for second-degree and honorific "Familia Numerosa" (family size) are exempt. 

(**) Scholarship students are exempt from paying this fee, but they are required to register every academic year.

(***) Fee to be announced pending updated information.

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