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Programme formative activities

Research stays in other laboratories

The Programme in Pharmacology and Physiology aims for internationalization, facilitating the stay of the students in other centres, preferentially overseas. For every student, it will be implemented that the total duration for such stays reached at least three months, in order to obtain the International Award in the PhD title.

The Supervisor and the Tutor will help to the student to identify research groups related to the Thesis area. In the students at full time basis, this activity will be preferentially performed since 18 months after starting the Thesis, if possible during at least three months. For students at a partial time basis, the activity will be preferentially performed since two years after starting the Thesis. In this case, several shorter stays can be performed to complete the 3 month period. This will be specially recommended for students performing a Programme of Health Specialities (MIR residents) that cannot leave easily the hospital.

Activity accreditation

The student will need an activity memory including justification about dates and financial source, receptor centre and scientists in charge, as well as a brief memory of the developed activities. Such documents, signed by the Supervisor and the Tutor, must be enclosed in the Document for Doctorate Activities (Documento de Actividades del Doctorando)

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