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Programme formative activities

Writing of scientific papers

The development of activity is variable but can be requested to the student since the second year of Thesis work.

The students will participate actively in writing the papers derived from his/her research that may be published in journals of the respective area. An essential part of the student formation is to acquire abilities such as writing in English, performing the adequate search for scientific information in the appropriate datebases. Furthermore, the student must develop a synthetic and clear manner for exposing his/her results.

The student should also acquire competence in all the procedures required for biomedical publication, including consents and rules for international publication. Moreover, the student should know the process involved in a biomedical publication, contact with editors, answer to reviewers, and galley proof correction.

Activity accreditation:
The Thesis Supervisor will provide a written inform about the participation of the student in writing research papers. Information about the paper and the student contribution will must be included. This inform, signed by the Tutor, must be enclosed in the Document for Doctorate Activities (Documento de Actividades del Doctorando)

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