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The admissions will be requested online in the SIGMA telematics platform.

The admission in the Programme of Doctorate to the students fulfilling the requirements will be decided by the Academic Board.

The criteria for the merit evaluation of the candidates to the Programme of Doctorate will be:

  • Academic qualifications in the Graduate and Master studies (75%).
  • The Cv of the candidate (15%). Special value will be given to aspects like stays in Spanish or foreign research laboratories, participation in scientific oral or poster communications to national o international meetings, and scientific publications in books or specialized journals. In journal publications, the position of the candidate in the list of authors will be considered (particularly in the first and the last position), as well as some quality indicators of the journal, such as impact factor or the relative position of the journal in the respective area of database like the Journal of Citation Reports.
  • The level of English knowledge (10%). At the moment of the admission, the English knowledge must be, at least, sufficient for understanding correctly the scientific reports in English. Providing accreditation of the candidate’s levels of English will be positively evaluated, up to a B2 English level, following the European references.

If appropriate, the Academic Board will organize personal interviews with the candidates and/or ask for reference letters, particularly in those situations where some aspects of the candidate’s Cv requires further clarification, or when the number of candidates were higher than the available positions.

Moreover, according to the Academic Board, when the previous training of the candidate was considered insufficient or non adequate to follow the Programme of Doctorate, some specific formation complements will be required. These specific complements will be considered as doctorate training and they will be offered at public fees. The time required for this additional training will not be computed in the 3 years full time period established since the admission to the Thesis presentation, as indicated in the point 3.2 from RD99/2011.

After a positive resolution for admission, the Academic Board will design a tutor for every student, among the programme associate researchers.

After the student inscription, the Academic Board will design a Thesis Supervisor and a maximum of one additional Co-supervisor. This will be indicated preferably during the three months after inscription; the maximum time for this will be six months after inscription. Only one Co-supervisor for the Thesis will be accepted.

When the Supervisor of a Thesis in this Programme of Doctorate was a researcher already associated to the Programme, he/she will be able to exert as the student’s Tutor. If not, in addition to the Supervisor, the student will need a specific Tutor associated to the Programme.

More information about the Tutor and Supervisor designation in the Programmes of Doctorate RD 99/2011 in the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid are available in the link:



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