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Dedication to Doctorate studies

Dedication to Doctorate studies

The Programme of Doctorate in Pharmacology and Physiology, according to present regulations (RD 99/2011 and specific rules by UAM) can be performed in a full time basis or in a partial time basis. In the first case, a 3 years period will be considered since inscription to the Thesis presentation, while in the second case, a 5 years period will be allowed. If required, additional years will be granted after the student’s requirement. Students could change to full time basis to partial time basis, or vice-versa, after the approval of the Academic Board.

As a general rule, the Academic Board of the Programme of Doctorate in Pharmacology and Physiology will encourage students to select the full time basis for the Thesis development.

More information about dedication to Doctorate studies (RD 99/2011) is available at:


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