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Follow up and evaluation of the Doctorate studies

Follow up and evaluation of the Doctorate studies

After inscription in the Programme of Doctorate, the student must control the following aspects by informatics application Third Cycle Sigma: https://secretaria-virtual.uam.es/Navegacion/InicioAlumno_cons.html

A) Signature of the document of compromise

By this document of compromise, the Supervision functions for every student will be established in a document signed by the University (the in charge person for the corresponding centre), the student, the Tutor and the Supervisor. This document will include the procedure for solving conflicts and those aspects relative to intellectual and industrial copyrights that could be generated.

A template for this document of compromise can be obtained in this link: http://www.uam.es/ss/Satellite/es/Compromiso_Documental_RD._99/1242675992191/contenidoFinal/2011.htm

B) Presentation of the Initial Research Plan

The Research Plan must be elaborated by the student in less than six months after inscription. The Plan will include at least the objectives, methodology, and working plan of the project for the Thesis. The Plan should be endorsed by the Supervisor and, if required, by the Tutor, and could be improved and detailed during the Thesis development.

The student will include the document for the Initial Research Plan in the online UAM academic system SIGMA. Different improved versions could be included, up to the date of acceptation by the Tutor or Supervisor.

C) Document for doctorate activities

Since the inscription, all the doctorate activities will be recorded in an individual document generated by the online UAM academic system SIGMA that will be managed by the student.

The student will be able to include the formative activities offered by the Programme of Doctorate or those suggested by the Tutor or Thesis Supervisor. In any circumstance, the activities proposed by the student will require the endorsement by the Tutor or Supervisor, whose will review periodically the documents of the students in charge. The Document for doctorate activities will include this review for every activity, as follows: Proposal/Accepted proposal/Denied proposal/Done.

For every performed formative activity, the following information will be recorded:

  • Dates for activity starting and ending.
  • Country and institution involved.
  • In observations, appropriate information concerning the activity must be recorded (teaching hours in workshops and courses; title of contribution or presentation; journal, title, and complete reference of the publication, teaching activities, etc).

The student must accredit the performed activities in the corresponding period (courses, seminars, meetings, conferences, talks, publications, etc), providing the certificates and/or the papers that justify them. The documents should be annexed in the the online UAM academic system SIGMA. The procedure for accreditation of each activity in indicated in the point about Programme formative activities.


Follow up and evaluation of the matter “Tutela Académica” (Academic tutorial) will be completed annually in the dates indicated by the Academic Board of the Programme of Doctorate or the by a delegate Commission. A written inform is required.

The aspect to evaluate are:

  • Research plan.
  • Student report.
  • Supervisor report.
  • Document for doctorate activities.

After the report of the Academic Board, the Programme Coordinator will communicate the conclusion of of the first ordinary evaluation that should be include in the student academic record as positive o negative.

If negative the student will be evaluated again with an indicated timetable for the second extraordinary evaluation. During this time, the student should prepare and include in the online UAM academic system SIGMA a new research plan, answering properly to the requirements indicated in the report by the Academic Board. After a positive firs or second evaluation, the student is allowed for the next year inscription. After two negative evaluations, the student will be definitively unsubscribed in the Programme.

In this link, additional information can be obtained about templates for reports, evaluation criteria, and timetables for ordinary and extraordinary evaluations:

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