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Doctoral Thesis

Doctoral Thesis

Since the Programme of Doctorate in Pharmacology and Physiology (RD 99/2011), with Award to to Excellence, started in the academic year 2010-2011 23 Doctoral Thesis have been presented to the end of 2013; around 20% received the European or International Award, and three of them were distinguished with the Doctorate Extraordinary Award by the Faculty of Medicine of by The Royal Academy of Medicine (Real Academia Nacional de Medicina).

Doctoral Thesis in the Programme of Doctorate in Pharmacology and Physiology will be presented and defended according to the procedures approved by the UAM in June 1st, 2012 “Procedimiento relativo al tribunal, defensa y evaluación de la tesis doctoral en la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid”

In those Doctoral Thesis presented as publication compendium (art 8 from Procedimiento), the Academic Board of the Programme requests a minimum of at least three publications in scientific journals corresponding to original research papers by the student.

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