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Research Support Service

  • Research Support Service (SEGAINVEX)

    The growing pace of research work carried out in the experimental departments of the UAM has led to the creation of the General Experimental Research Support Services (SEGAINVEX).

  • Research service of the UAM

    This service is responsible for the management of research projects at national, regional and UAM level, as well as the processing of grants in the same area.

  • Interdepartmental Research Service (SIDI)

    The Interdepartmental Research Service was created in 1992 in order to centralise the minor services at departmental level in the Science Faculty. The objective of this new organisation is to regulate the operation of the infrastructure for research and exploit the investment in equipment.

  • Office for the transfer of Research Results (OTRI) at the UAM

    The Office for the transfer of Research Results (O.T.R.I.) is the institutional channel through which support is provided for researchers at the UAM and for the companies linked to our institution, complying with the objective to contribute to strengthening the relations of the University with its environment (companies and institutions).

  • Centre for Scientific Computing

    Our main objective is to provide and manage computer resources for use in research.

  • The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Foundation

    The fundamental mission of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Foundation FGUAM is to serve as a bridge between the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Society, by placing its disposal the research, teaching and collaboration capacities of the University (the university collective) and helping to improve these capacities, by offering a quality service.

  • Scientific Culture

    The Scientific Culture Unit of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UCCUAM) is a service created in 2006 and is ascribed to the Assistant Rector’s Office for University Extension and Scientific Publication. Its objective is to foster and support activities which contribute to the social communication of scientific knowledge produced at the UAM and its associated centres.

  • Publications Service of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

    The function of the Publications Service of the UAM is the publication and diffusion of the studies, research and papers created by lecturers and researchers. Although the priority function of the Publications Service is to publish and diffuse the knowledge and research generated by the UAM, it can publish and diffuse other works when this is considered to be of interest and relevant by the Publications Commission of the UAM.

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