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Governing Bodies

Dean’s team

Each Faculty is governed by a team made up of the Dean and Vice-Deans. The Dean is the highest authority and representative of the Faculty. As such, the Dean is responsible for managing and coordinating the functions and activities carried out in the Faculty and for promoting the coordination of teaching activities affecting various Departments, but not corresponding exclusively to any one of them. The Dean also chairs the Faculty Assembly and implements its resolutions and has authority to deal with all other matters which have not been expressly conferred on any other Faculty body.

For the above purposes, the Dean may designate Vice-Deans, as well as the Secretary of the Faculty, whose duties include keeping the minutes of the meetings of the Faculty’s collegiate bodies. In any event, they are appointed by the Rector. The Dean can also appoint delegates for specific functions (the Dean’s Delegates).

  • Vice-Dean of Students.
  • Vice-Dean for Teaching Staff.
  • Vice-Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Academic Organisation.
  • Vice-Dean of Postgraduate Studies.
  • Vice-Dean of Institutional Relations and Internships.
  • Vice-Dean of International Relations.
  • Vice-Dean of Research and Knowledge Transfer.
  • Vice-Dean of Coordination.
  • Faculty Secretary.
  • The Dean’s Information Technology Delegate.
  • The Dean’s University Master’s Degree for Admission to the Legal Profession Delegate.

More Information.

Faculty Assembly

The Faculty Assembly is a collegiate representative body. It is the ordinary governing body of the Faculty. The ordinary composition of the Assembly is: one third of its members are ex-officio members (the Dean; the Vice-Deans; the Faculty Secretary; the Directors of Departments which belong to the Faculty or, if they do not belong to the Faculty, those who teach a minimum of fifteen core or mandatory credits in one of the Faculty’s degrees; and the Faculty Administrator-Manager) while the remainder are members elected to represent various sectors of the university community.

Department Boards and Department Director

There are three departments in the Law Faculty (Public Law and Philosophy of Law; Private Law, Social and Economic Law; Political Science and International Relations). The Departments are teaching and research units, responsible for coordinating research and teaching in their respective areas or fields of knowledge in one or several Faculties. Additionally, they are responsible for supporting the teaching and research initiatives and activities of the teaching staff and exercising such other functions as specified by the University Statutes.

A Department Director heads each Department, and manages and coordinates its activities. He/she represents the Department and chairs Department Board Meetings, implementing the resolutions passed.

Academic areas

For purely organisational reasons, the Public Law and Philosophy of Law Department and the Private Law, Social and Economic Law Department are, in turn, divided into academic areas. These comprise all the teaching staff in one area.

In particular, the Faculty’s academic areas are as follows:

1. Public Law and Philosophy of Law Department

2. Private Law, Social and Economic Law Department

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