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Quality Assurance Committee

Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance Committee (CGC) of the Escuela Politécnica Superior is a committee aproved by the Governing Board. It is in charge of articulating the tasks of the planning and the follow up of the SGIC. The committte is in charge as well of promoting the internal communication in relation to the policies, objectives, plans, programs, responsibilities and achievements of the System.

The CGC addresses the core tasks of the Internal Quality Assurance System through the Monitoring Committes of the corresponding qualifications. These tasks include:

  • Systematically defining the necessary procedures for the optimal development of the studies and its orientation towards the satisfaction of the different groups of interest,  an towards the achievement of results as well. Defining instruments and structures for the development of the quality function in each qualification.
  • Coordinating data collection, reports and any other information on the development of the qualification.
  • Boosting the quality management system that has been established.
  • Coordinating analysis and valuation of the results obtained.
  • Designing the corresponding plans and improvement actions, together with the coordinators of the qualifications.
  • Monitoring the undertaken improvement actions.

The members of the CGC, as well as the members of the Monitoring Committees of the qualifications, have been chosen by the Governing Board.

Information on the composition of the Monitoring Committees

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