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You will find here who you should address your doubts to in every particular situation. You will also find contact information and useful regulations. Additional information will be added gradually.

Administrative Matters

You can address your Inquiries on enrollment, group change, continuance requirements, accreditation of credits, etc., to the EPS Administration, (Ground Floor Building A, in front of the Reception Office.)

Email: administracion.eps@uam.es.

ContinuanceHow many credits do I need to continue in the School? What happens if I do not complete all of them? 

Continuance guide for master and degree students
Continuance guide for former degree students
Suggestions of documents to be submitted with the application (Master and Degree students)
Suggestions of documents to be submitted with the application (Former degree students)

Instructions for the application of the regulations [ES]

Guide for degree and master students [ES]

Guide for engineering students [ES]

If the Social Council resolution is unfavorable you won't be able to continue your studies here.

How do I apply for a third enrollment? What should I do if I have a third enrollment and continuance?

Application [ES]

If you have third-enrollment subjets, and do not meet the continuance requirements, you must apply for the continuation of studies following both procedures (continuance and third-enrollment). The third-enrollment applications will be decided, once the Social Council resolution is favorable.

AssessmentHow do the teachers assess my subjects? What should I do if im not satisfied with my marks?

UAM Regulations [ES]

EPS Regulations [ES]

Accreditation of studies

If I come from a different university, how many credits can I get homologated?

Degree Regulations [ES]

Elective Credits

How can I homologate my elective credtis? Which are the elective courses available?

UAM Regulations [ES]

Engineering Regulations [ES]

Courses which can be homologated

Compensation Committee

I am missing only one subject to complete my studies, can I ask for a Compensation Committee?

Engineering Regulations [ES only] 

Degree Regulations [ES only]

Student insurance

Coverage: what does it cover? Who does it cover?

Engineering Regulations [ES]

Degree Regulations [ES]


Who can I ask for a tutorship? What types of tutorships are available?

EPS Regulations [ES]

Fifth or Sixth Call for Engineering Studies (Former Degrees)

How do I apply for it? What are the conditions?

EPS Regulations [ES]

Academic Matters

Resolution of Problems ProtocolWho should I contact if I have problems with a subject or a professor? 

Most of the academic problems related to subjects and professors are resolved, , without need of going further than steps 1 and 2 as experience tells us. However, this is the ordered and complete list of people you should contact:

(1) Subject Professor
(2) Subject Coordinator
(3) Course Coordinator
(4) Students Vice Director
(5) EPS Director
(6) Students Vice-Rector
(7) Chancellor of the univeristy
(8) Committees

For inquiries on subjects, schedules, recommendations, etc.....

Address them to: your ACADEMIC TUTOR


  • "I have failed X subjects the first Semester, how can I get ready more successfully for the second?"
  • "Should I/could I cancel my enrollment in some of the subjects if I see I do not have enough basic knowledge?"
  • "Which subjects should I enroll in, taking into account that I like X and Y?"
  • "How many subjects could I take this third year, taking into account that in the first year... and in the second year...?"
  • "I do not know how to study with so many labs due"


  • The tutor assigned to you the first year will be your tutor until you complete your studies.
  • You can contact your tutor at any time during the course.

Other inquiries

You can address your inquiries on School procedures, lockers, committees and associations, events, etc., to the Oficina de Información al Estudiante (OIE, Student Information Center), ground floor of Building A (shared office with the ORI, the International Relations Office.)

Email: oficina.estudiante.eps@uam.es

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