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Enrollment Instructions

Enrollment Instructions for New Admissions (2014-15)

Important: First Year

In the academic year 2012-13, some subjects started to be taught in English in order to design a bilingual Degree. For now, there are only two subjects that are taught in English in the first year: “Computing Workshop-Seminar” and “Programming Project”. If you want to take these subjects in English, ask for the application form at the School's Administration Office and fill it in, then you will have to file it signed before the 30th July.

Required Documents for the Enrollment

  • ID (original and copy). If you are foreign national and don't have the Spanish ID you will need to bring your Passport and a copy of it.
  • Copy of the receipt of admission (University Admission Tests results, Diploma/Certificate...)
  • Transfer Record (needed if you come from other university of Madrid, or have carried out the Admission Tests in the UNED or in other university from outside Madrid)
  • Documents justifying possible fee exemptions: High School graduation with Distinction, Disability (resolution), Large Family (original and copy of both the main and the validity pages), etc.

The Enrollment Step by Step

Transfer - In your University of Origin

You must file the original admission letter and pay the requested fees in your university of origin. You may also have to bring your Secondary Education Record, and a copy of the Large Family Card for fee exemptions.

(Only needed if you took the University Admission Tests (Selectividad) in a university outside of Madrid or if you come from other university).

Collection of Enrollment Documents - EPS Information Office (you will find it on the right as you enter):

  • July 18th or 21th 2014,  from 9.00 to 14.00 h. Bring your ID. (Friday 18th, until 15.30, and Monday 21th from 15:30 to 17.00 too).

Even if you are going to make the self-enrollment or to authorise other person to do so, it is important for you to attend personally on 18th or 21th July to file the documents, as well as to get certain mattters straight and examine all the information we will hand to you.

Apart from the enrollment documents, you must also collect the appointment to make the enrollment and the password (that will allow yout to access your enrollment and student record online) in the Administration Office (different from the Information Office.) Your appointment time will be settled for a specific hour between 10.00 and 15.00. You will also have to justify the possible fee exemptions (see above "Required Documents") and will be able to adress any question you may have in the Administration Office. 

If you cannot attend personally, you will have to grant official authorization to someone else to collect the documents, appointment or/and password (whichever is applicable) for you, via written notification (with your data and a photocopy of your ID) indicating the name of the person you wish to entitle and his/her ID. Nevertheless, we would like to inform you that:

  • Your password is going to allow you to enroll and check your record online every year, as well as registering your official university e-mail account and your student card the first year.

Enrollment Day

  • Tuesday, 22 July 2014. You willl be able to make the self-enrollment from the place you want but you will have to do it at the specific time appointed to you (see above; the day of the collection of documents you will have to come or to authorise someone else to do it for you).

University Card - You must add a digitalized photograph to your student record few days after your enrollment. Check the specific section regarding the card in the enrollment guide [ES.]Payment

  • The enrollment fees are not charged right away, and you can choose between a single payment or a split payment (four instalments.)
  • If you choose to pay by direct debit, the University will charge the payment in the account of your choice (you must indicate the 20 digits of the account) when making the enrollment.
  • If you choose to pay through a financial services company, you will receive a payment form to settle the first installment within the following 10 days after your enrollment. You will have to bring that form to any office of the Banco de Santander in order to make the payment. 

Special cases

  1. If you have a pending admission or continuance of a different school, and it affects your enrollment process in this School, you can apply for a conditional enrollment:
    • First, fille out the form we will hand to you in the Administration Office explaining your situation.
    • Don't carry out the transfer procedure until the situation is normalized.
    • Choose to pay through a financial services company, and not by direct debit (so that the fee payment is carried out after the normalization of your situation)
  2. If you were enrolled at a different University for the 2013-14 academic year, your admission in this School doesn't deprive you from performing the exams of that year or any other procedure you may have not finished yet there. If the results obtained in the exams affect your continuance in the other University, and therefore, your enrollment in the EPS, you can apply for a conditional enrollment just like in the case before.

(*) Before you enroll, check the documentation we will hand to you as well as the enrollment guide [ES].

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