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Buddy Program

Buddy Program

Programa Mentor

This programs aims to make integration easier for those external students coming from universities abroad. 

It consists in assigning local volunteer students to tutor one or more external students during the academic year. The volunteers will provide advice in relation to the university life of the external student: classrooms, schedules, faculty offices, lab work, life at campus, life in the city, etc.

If you want to join the program, the only thing you have to do is fill in ONE of the following application forms, depending if you are an EPS student or an external student:


EPS Students:

If you are interested in meeting knew people from different countries, learning languages, exchanging cultural experiences, etc., fill in the following application form:

Local Students Form


External students:

If you are interested in joining the program, fill in the following application form in order for us to find the best buddy for you:

External Students Form


For further information on the Buddy Program, address you inquiries to ori.eps@uam.es

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