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Seminario "Soft robots: design and applications"

Silvia Terrile
Institución de origen
University of Bristol
Sala de Grados A (A-120). Escuela Politécnica Superior


Soft robotics is a field of robotics that focuses on the development of robots made from soft, flexible, and deformable materials. Unlike traditional rigid robots, soft robots are designed to be compliant and capable of adapting to their environment through deformation and shape changes. This field draws inspiration from the biomechanics of soft-bodied organisms in nature, such as octopuses, worms, and muscles, aiming to replicate their flexibility and versatility in robotic systems. Despite their significant advantages, they present many challenges regarding design, fabrication, control, sensing, etc. How can we design soft robotics to create more advanced and adaptable soft robotic systems for a wide range of applications?


Curriculum ponente

Silvia Terrile studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Genoa (Italy). Then, she obtained her PhD in Automation and Robotics in 2022 from the Polytechnical University of Madrid (Spain). Her research during her PhD focused on the different challenges of soft robotics: the design, the material, the simulation and the control of these robots. She is a research associate at the University of Bristol investigating how modular soft robots can make robots more trustworthy, especially in manipulation tasks. Proponente del Seminario: Ruth Cobos

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