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Teaching and Research Staff

Romero de la Fuente Jaime

Romero de la Fuente, Jaime

Profesor Titular
Módulo 16 - Despacho 301
(34) 91 497 35 44
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Resume CV

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration & Management from  Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and a PhD in Economics from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Since 1999, he has taught in the area of marketing at the UAM. His experience includes courses at both undergraduate and graduate level.

His research focuses on the measurement and optimization of profitability in marketing activities, specifically through management of the firm’s customer relationships. He has also worked in the areas of consumer behaviour, price management and distribution. He has participated in several research projects funded by the Ministry of Education and Science and has collaborated with state and private institutions within the framework of research agreements.


Areas of experience

  • Marketing profitability
  • Financial assessment of customers
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Customer management
  • Retailing


  • Romero, J. and Yagüe, M.J. (2015): “Relating brand equity and customer equity: an exploratory study”, International journal of Market Research 57 (4), 631-651
  • Okazaki, S., Campo, S., Andreu, L. and Romero J. (2014): “A Latent Class Analysis of Spanish Travelers’ Mobile Internet Usage in Travel Planning and Execution”, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 56(2), 191-201
  • Romero, J., van der Lans, R. and Wierenga, B. (2013): “A partially hidden Markov model of customer dynamics for clv measurement”, Journal of Interactive Marketing 27 (3), 185-208.
  • Okazaki, S. and Romero, J. (2010): “Online media rivalry: A latent class model for mobile and PC internet users”, Online Information Review, 34 (1), 98-114.
  • Oubiña, J., Romero, J. and Yagüe, M.J. (2009): “Formation of the Commercial Margins for Fresh Foods in Spain, 2001-2008”, European Retail Research, 23 (2), 107-126.
  • Oubiña, J., Romero, J. and Yagüe, M.J. (2010): “Trade credit periods in retail commerce for Products of Mass Consumption: An Application to Spanish Legislation”, European Retail Research, 24 (1).

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