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Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y EmpresarialesFacultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales

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Office of the Dean

Structure of the Office of the Dean and contact information

The Dean is the highest authority in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and its highest representative. As such, she directs and coordinates the activities developed in the Faculty; she presides over its officially recognized governing bodies and executes agreements (see Statutes of the UAM). The Dean is elected democratically, with the participation of the different sectors of the Faculty in the following proportion: permanent faculty (55%), non-permanent faculty (5%), teaching and research personnel in training (4%), students (27%), and administrative and service personnel (9%).


To direct and coordinate the activities developed in the Faculty, the Dean receives aid from the Dean’s staff, composed of the Vice Deans for specific areas and other support staff. The following list shows who holds the position of Dean, the Vice Deans, and the other members of the Dean’s Office Staff, as well as their contact data.

María Isabel Heredero de Pablos
Tel. (+34) 91 497 42 56

Vice Dean of Quality and Innovation
Blanca Olmedillas Blanco
Tel. (+34) 91 497 40 99

Vice Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Paloma Sanz Álvaro
Tel. (+34) 91 497 40 99

Vice Dean of Graduate Studies
José Luis Méndez García de Paredes
Tel. (+34) 91 497 40 99

Vice Dean of Faculty
María Isabel Martínez Torre-Enciso
Tel. (+34) 91 497 40 99

Vice Dean of Students
Eva Medina Moral
Tel. (+34) 91 497 40 99

Vice Dean of Research and Knowledge Transfer
Félix Fernando Muñoz Pérez
Tel. (+34) 91 497 40 99

Vice Dean of International Relations
Rafael de Arce Borda
Tel. (+34) 91 497 40 99

Vice Dean of Employability and Institutional Affairs
María de Mar Alonso Almeida
Tel. (+34) 91 497 40 99

Secretary for Academic Affairs & Vice Dean of Coordination
Miguel Angoitia Grijalba
Tel. (+34) 91 497 40 99


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