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Recognition of tutorial courses

PhD students who have just joined a Doctorate Programme

PhD students who have enrolled for the first time in a UAM Doctorate Programme may exceptionally request the recognition of their research activity for a period equivalent to a tutorial course, once the Research Plan is approved, and provided that this previous activity makes relevant contributions to the approved Plan. The application must be sent to the Permanent Committee of the Doctorate School. It will be presented in the Doctorate School and require a prior reasoned report by the Academic Committee of the Doctorate Programme.
PhD students with tutorial courses with a positive assessment in previous studies

In the case of PhD students who for a variety of reasons have left a programme covered by Royal Decree 99/2011 and are readmitted to it, once they have enrolled and their Research Plan is approved, if they obtain a positive assessment from a tutorial course in the same programme, they may ask the Doctorate School to validate such tutorial course, which will be assessed and resolved by the Academic Committee of the Programme.