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Standing Committee

Permanent Commission of the Doctoral School: 

          In addition to the EDUAM Management Team and Head of Service, it is made up of:

  • Juan José Berlanga Chiquero (PD in Molecular Biosciences, Faculty of Sciences)
  • Juan José Arredondo Lamas (PD in Molecular Biosciences, Faculty of Medicine)
  • Oscar Lorenzo González (PD in Medicine and Surgery, Faculty of Medicine)
  • Bianca Thoillez Ruano (DP in Education, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education)
  • Juan José de Miguel Llorente (Science branch, Faculty of Sciences)
  • Luis Bolaños Rosa (Science Branch, Faculty of Sciences)
  • Miguel Ángel García García (Engineering branch, EPS)
  • Antonio Carcas Sansuan (Health Sciences Branch, Faculty of Medicine)
  • Araceli Striano Corrochano (Branch of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters)
  • José María Rodríguez de Santiago (Faculty of Law)
  • José Manuel Igoa González (Faculty of Psychology)
  • Jaime Romero de la Fuente (Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences)
  • Juan Andrés Chulde Ruano, (DP in Education, President of the Council of Doctoral Student Representatives)
  • Daniel Fernández Romero, (DP in Economy and Business, Representative of the Council of Doctoral Student Representatives)


Information bulletins and agreements of the Permanent Commission