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Before the deadline that appears in Sigma-Third cycle as the maximum completion date, a copy of the doctoral thesis must be deposited.

The deposit of the doctoral thesis and the associated documentation must be made exclusively in electronic format, through the Common Electronic Register of the General State Administration, or on a flash drive, in the Register located at the Doctoral School (Cantoblanco campus) or in the General Registry of the UAM (Rectorate Building). In the document in the download area "EDUAM_Thesis registration procedure" you will find helpful information with the steps to take, depending on the alternative chosen, to correctly register the thesis deposit.

Documentation to present in the Registry (documents in the download area):

Before registering the thesis deposit, all the required documentation must be completed and signed, as listed below, in separate files, identifying each pdf with the first and last name:

  • Request for authorization to defend the doctoral thesis (Surname_Name_SolicitudDefense.pdf)
  • A copy of the thesis in open electronic format (pdf), no signatures, which is accessible (Surname_Name_Doctoral Thesis.pdf). See the document in the download area about the procedure to make a PDF document accessible with Adobe Acrobat DC and to improve the quality of said document.
  • Resumen-abstract of the doctoral thesis (in Spanish and English) in a separate file from the thesis (Surname_Name_Abstract.pdf).
  • Declaration of Ethical Commitment and Originality (Surname_Name_CompromisoEtico.pdf)
  • Document of personalized activities of the doctoral student. The activities must have been previously validated (Surname_Name_DAD.pdf)
  • Motivated report from the director or directors of the doctoral thesis exposing the results of the assessment of the thesis and expressly endorsing its presentation to public defense. In the case of doctors not linked to the doctoral program, the doctoral student's tutor must provide a reasoned ratification of the thesis report. Said report must also be authorized and signed by the coordinator once approved by the Academic Committee of the doctoral program (Surname_Name_InformeDirector.pdf).
  • Proposal for the evaluation board of the thesis made up of 5 or 7 doctors, experts in the field, signed by the coordinator of the Academic Committee of the doctoral program, in which the research experience of the proposed members must be specified through publications in the scientific, technical, humanistic, artistic field or equivalent (Surname_Name_PropuestaTribunal.pdf). If more than one member of the court is from outside the Community of Madrid, the proposal will be accompanied by a co-financing commitment (Surname_Name_Cofinancing.pdf)
  • Form regarding the transfer of rights for the dissemination of the thesis in open access (Surname_Name_CesionRights.pdf)
  • The additional complementary documents that establish the current procedures of the UAM for theses presented as a compendium of publications, theses written in languages other than those official at the UAM, doctorate with international mention, mention of industrial doctorate, co-supervision of doctoral thesis, or thesis affected by confidentiality/data protection processes.