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First Enrollment

The accepted candidates whose application is in "Concedido" status must:


1) Complete the enrollment process in the FIRST YEAR COURSE ("TUTELA PRIMER AÑO") and, if indicated, in the Additional Training Courses​ ("Complementos de Formación")​, within the given deadlines.

The date of the First enrollment will be considered the admission date for academic purposes, when calculating the maximum and minimun duration of the Programme and for the condition as UAM PhD student.

PhD students who have to take Additional Training Courses​ ("Complementos de Formación") must complete them in one year after the First Enrollment date. Enrolment in these Additional Training Courses​ must be completed in the first period possible depending on the courses to be taken. For further information, please contact with the coordination of the PhD Program.

Notice for students of the PhD in Molecular Biosciences: If your admission is associated with the Department of Molecular Biology (Faculty of Sciences), your code of "TUTELA  PRIMER AÑO" is 61401; if your admission is associated with the Department of Biochemistry (Faculty of Medicine) your code of "TUTELA  PRIMER AÑO" is 61601.

Important: Only "TUTELA PRIMER AÑO" and Additional Training Courses (if required) have to be enrolled. Do not enroll “TESIS DOCTORAL DEL POP"


2) Payment of the corresponding fees. The fees applicable for enrollment will be established by the competent autorithy for each academic year. Exemptions under current law may be applied.
If you have requested a Tuition Assistance for refugee or asylum students, pelase do not pay your PhD tuition fees until you have the resolution of the scholarship.
PhD students under the age of 28 must pay school insurance. PhD students over the age of 28 are required to have their own equivalent insurance.
If the enrollment is cancelled, the corresponding fee paid may only be returned if the cancellation is requested within 30 calendar days of the initial completion.
To request further information, please contact with doctorado.gestion@uam.es

Very important:

Students enrolled in PhD programs have access to an email account  "@estudiante.uam.es". Official communications will be made in the future to this account only, so if you regularly use other email accounts, we recommend that you redirect your messages so that you can read the notices that you will receive during your doctoral studies and that are essential for its proper development.

In order to redirect the account in the download area, at the end of this page, you will find document to help you out. .