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Doctoral Thesis presentation


The presentation and defence of a doctoral thesis in the UAM is regulated by the “Procedure relating to the Panel, defence and evaluation of doctoral theses in the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid” (see downloads area). We recommend reading this document carefully.

Presentation of the doctoral thesis consists of three phases:

  1. Deposit or submission of the definitive report on the doctoral thesis.
  2. Inspection and control of quality of the documentation presented and designation of the evaluation panel.
  3. Defence, in a public act, of the doctoral thesis.


Deposit of the doctoral thesis and of the associated documentation (see details at “Documentation for the defence”) at the UAM General Registry requires prior approval by the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Programme. Each Programme establishes its own internal procedure for revision and control of quality of doctoral theses and therefore, before depositing the thesis, the steps and deadlines indicated in that procedure should be followed and respected.

Inspection and control of quality consists of: a period of verification by the administrative staff of the Doctoral School and, where applicable, correction of the documentation deposited; a period of exposure to the research community, of at least 15 days, so that any doctor can send comments on the contents of the thesis; and evaluation, by the Committee of Equivalence and Defence of Doctoral Theses, of the documentation and comments sent. This Committee is responsible for giving, where applicable, approval for Thesis defense and for formation of an evaluation panel for the defence (see the dates on which this Committee meets and the corresponding deadlines for depositing theses in the “Thesis deposit calendar”).

Defence of the doctoral thesis, in an act convened by the Chairperson of the tribunal and publicly announced, should take place at least within 15 days and six months after its approval by the Committee of Equivalence and Defence of Doctoral Theses.

After the defence and positive evaluation of the doctoral thesis, the new doctor should register in the Ministry of Education’s TESEO database of doctoral theses (see details in “TESEO Information Sheet”).



The UAM Doctoral School compensates the expenses related to the Doctoral Thesis Defence attendance in person only to the external Doctors who act as full members of the examining board and come from out of Madrid (Comunidad de Madrid).

The expenses will be financed according to the limit established in the general budgets of the UAM:


Article 50. Doctoral Thesis Courts

1.- With a charge to the funds consigned in the budget, a maximum of 500 € will be financed by each Doctoral Thesis examinig board. In the case of theses with international mention or under joint supervision, the maximum amount to be financed will be 700 €. If a non-European expert forms part of the examinig board, the maximum to be financed will be 1.000 €. If these limits are exceeded, the financing of the excess expense will be managed by the Department or Institution to which the Director of the doctoral thesis belongs.

Exceptionally, and only in the event that the average cost of the theses defended during the year in the corresponding doctoral program does not exceed the indicated limits, higher grants may be awarded. In this case, the situation must be recorded in a justifying report, which will be attached to the remaining documentation to be presented.

In addition, the limits and considerations for the individual expenses described in the instructions of the form for the request for compensation of expenses will be observed. It is recommended to make the payment of expenses, including additional expenses (taxi, Metro, parking, etc.), with a credit or debit card to justify them with your bank transaction receipts.

Regarding the processing of transport and/or accommodation, EDUAM has an agreement for Doctoral Theses with the travel agency of 'El Corte Inglés' (Cantoblanco campus office) for the reservation and direct billing to the university, being optional and not mandatory. You can contact this office by email: uam@viajeseci.es, or by phone: (+34) 91 497 8591 / (+34) 91 497 8592.

For any other information or query, contact the EDUAM Economic and Budgetary Management Unit, at the email: ugep.escueladoctorado@uam.es