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Doctoral School / UAM

Procedure for the application and receipt of the diplome Doctor's Degree


After the defense of the thesis and the closing of his file, the doctoral student may request his doctoral degree in person at the UAM Doctoral School (EDUAM) or by email.
Documentation to present:

   a) Titles of Programs regulated by Royal Decrees 56/2005, 1393/2007 and 99/2011.
- Spanish students: Photocopy of both sides of the DNI.
- Foreign students: photocopy of passport.
- Teseo file duly completed, sent by mail to doctorado.gestion@uam.es.
- Photocopy of the Large Family Title.
b) Doctoral degrees from doctoral programs regulated by Royal Decrees 185/85 and 778/98.
- Completed application form (EDUAM standard model).
- Spanish students: Photocopy of both sides of the DNI.
- Foreign students: photocopy of passport.
- Photocopy on both sides of the title that gave access to doctoral studies
- Photocopy of the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) if it had not been obtained at the UAM.
- Foreign students must also present the letter of admission to the Doctoral Program or a certificate of homologation of the title of access to the Doctorate.
- Photocopy of the Large Family Title
Receipt and delivery of titles

The delivery of titles to the interested parties is carried out:

       a) In person, upon presentation of ID or Passport.
      b) To a third party, authorized by the interested party through a Power of Attorney suitable for this purpose.
      c) Sending the title to the Embassy/Consulate or Government Delegation in Spain, chosen by the interested party, upon payment of the shipping costs generated.

In the event that the interested party detects an error in the title attributable to the Administration, a duplicate will be issued due to administrative error.
Management of duplicate titles due to loss or deterioration

In the case of loss of the doctor's degree, the interested party can request a duplicate of it in person or by email, attaching a photocopy of their ID/passport.

A. EDUAM will verify that the title has actually been collected.

B. The Doctoral School will insert a notice of loss of degree in the BOE.

C. The settlement document 791 will be completed and downloaded from the electronic headquarters of the BOE and will be sent to the applicant for the duplicate (by e-mail in pdf format or on paper) for the collection of the fees corresponding to the publication of the ad.

D. Once the fee has been paid and the NRC has been obtained, which will be provided by the bank, the interested party must complete the "Update the NRC of an announcement" form in the application http://www.boe.es/anuncios.

E. One month after the publication of the notice of the loss of the title in the BOE, the interested party must contact the EDUAM to manage the completion of the duplicate title application process, attaching: a. Copy of the announcement in the BOE with the exact date of the same. b. Photocopy of ID or passport.

F. You must pay the corresponding fee for duplicate requests.

G. The application for the degree is managed following the procedure analogous to that for the issuance of the doctoral degree.

If a duplicate is requested due to deterioration, in addition to the general documentation to request the title, it will be necessary to present the damaged title