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The Doctoral Student Committee is a representative body that works within the structure of the UAM Doctorate School to represent and defend the interests of doctorate students. It is composed of one representative from each Doctorate Programme in the UAM, each of whom is elected by the doctorate students in the Programme from among them.


Representatives of doctoral students:

- DP Molecular Biosciences: Kateryna Matveyeva

- DP Biology: Sergio Martínez Nebrada

- DP Human Sciences: Geography, Anthropology and African and Asian Studies: Carlos Rodolfo Narváez Flores

- DP Law, Government and Public Policy: Carolina de Miguel Márquez

- DP Ecology: Beatriz Vizuete Sáenz de Huarte

- DP Economics and Business: Daniel Fer´nandez Romero

- DP Education: Juan Andrés Chulde Ruano

- DP Epidemiology and Public Health: Javier Maroto Rodríguez

- DP Studies in Art, Literature and Culture: Pedro Merchán Mateos

- DP Studies of the Ancient World: 

- DP Pharmacology and Physiology: Santiago Ruvira Hernándo

- DP Contemporary History: Ana de la Asunción Criado

- DP Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology: David Palma Lafuente

- DP Psychology: Francisco González Espejito

- DP Clinical and Health Psychologyd: Anahí Gutkin de Freitas

- DP Agricultural Chemistry: Silvia Cañas Rodríguez

- DP Applied Chemistry: Raúl Benito del Olmo

- DP Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling: Juan Reino González

The rest of the programs don't have a representative.


Minutes of the Council of Representatives of Doctoral Students