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Doctoral School / UAM

Fees and Waivers


The public prices of university studies leading to official degrees are established every year by the Regional Government of Madrid. These prices include an amount payable for Academic Services and another amount for Administrative Services and Student Insurance.

The main items included as Academic Services are the annual enrolment fee for tutoring (€390 for full-time students and €234 for part-time students), and the examination or doctoral thesis defence fee (€143.15).  

The Administrative Services include the initial fee for opening the academic record (€27.54), the annual Secretariat Expenses (€6.11) and the fee for issuing the doctoral certificate (€229.86).

In the download area you can find a breakdown of the payment items, payment methods and deadlines, and the exemptions and deductions applicable according to the applicant's circumstances. Also included is a copy of the latest Decree of the Autonomous Region of Madrid regulating these public prices. 

* Price established by the Autonomous Region of Madrid