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Authorization of the Academic Commission



New procedure.

The EDUAM Steering Committee has approved a new procedure, which uses Sigma as a repository of the documentation associated with the process. For a few months it will coexist with the one in force until now, so both are valid. You can download the instructions for this new procedure at this link. You will find the documents associated with it in the download area.

Current procedure (expected validity until February 2024)

Once the thesis is finished, for its final evaluation and authorization by the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program it will be necessary to submit the following documentation to it:

A copy of the thesis in open electronic format (pdf).

Document of personalized activities of the doctoral student.

Motivated report of the director or directors of the doctoral thesis exposing the results of the assessment of the thesis and expressly endorsing its presentation to public defense. In the case of doctors not linked to the doctoral program, the doctoral student's tutor must provide a reasoned ratification of the thesis report.

A proposal from the thesis evaluation panel for approval by the Academic Committee. This proposal will include 5 or 7 doctors, experts in the field in which the research experience of the proposed members has to be specified through publications in the scientific, technical, humanistic, artistic or equivalent field.

If there is more than one member of the court from outside the Community of Madrid, the proposal will be accompanied by a co-financing commitment.

The additional complementary documents that establish the current procedures of the UAM for theses presented as a compendium of publications, theses written in languages ​​other than the official ones at the UAM, doctorate with international mention, mention of industrial doctorate, joint supervision of doctoral thesis, or affected theses by confidentiality/data protection process