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Doctoral School / UAM

Annual enrolment


Enrollment in SECOND YEAR TUTORIAL COURSES and for successive years must be completed each academic year in the period corresponding to the date on which the initial enrollment took place, unless due to temporary leave or some negative assessment the annual completion date has varied. Enrolment must be completed every year until the PhD thesis is registered for its defence, within the time limits established by the rules. Not completing the enrolment process within the period corresponding to each PhD student will lead to definitive exclusion from the Programme.


Once the enrollment process has been completed, all the information, documents and activities related to the progress of the PhD student will be handled by the student and the rest of the parties involved through the Graduate Studies SIGMA computer application. Individual communication with the PhD students will be carried out exclusively through the institutional e-mail account.


To request further information, please contact with doctorado.gestion@uam.es




Presentation calendar 2023-2024 second guardianship


Second registration and subsequent academic tutorships. February 2023 – YEAR 22-23

In the academic calendar for the 2023-24 academic year approved by the University Governing Council, in December 2023, it was established that the academic calendar for all doctorate-associated tutorships (except the first) will coincide with the academic year: all doctoral students and doctoral students must renew their registration in October 2023.

In order to make it possible to fulfill this commitment, it is necessary to adapt the registration program for doctoral students who, up to now, have been renewing their registration in February or May.

Doctoral students who renew their registration in February.

Once the guardianship in which each one is enrolled has been evaluated:

If the evaluation of the tutelage enrolled in the 2021-22 academic year (in January 2023) has been positive, the registration must be renewed, enrolling the next tutelage in the scheduled period (from February 8 to 28). Exceptionally, this year 2023 this enrollment will only be valid for one semester.

Course 21/22

Course 22/23

Course 23/24

Enrollment in February 2022

Enrollment in February 2023

Enrollment in October 2023


Tutela 1

Tutela 2 anual

Tutela 1

Tutela 2 semestral

Tutela 3 anual

Tutela 2

Tutela 3 semestral

Tutela 4 anual

Tutela 3

Tutela 4 semestral

Tutela 5 anual

Tutela 4

Tutela 5 semestral

Tutela 6 anual

Tutela 5

Tutela 6 semestral

Tutela 7 anual

Tutela 6

Tutela 7 semestral

Tutela 8 anual

Tutela 7

Tutela 8 semestral

(Tutela 9)

Tutela 8



(Tutelage 1, for new admission. Tutelage 6-8, only for part-time students)

Consequently, the evaluation of this semester supervision (activity document, together with the report of the doctoral student and his/her director, which must be uploaded to sigma before September 1) has a closing date of September 30.

If the evaluation (of the tutelage enrolled in February 2022 of the 2021-22 academic year) has been negative, the extraordinary evaluation will be in May 2023, and only if this second evaluation is favorable (2021-22 academic year) will the enrollment of the next guardianship (course 2022-23), and that must be evaluated before September 30. Therefore, it will be a semester and extraordinary registration.