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Doctoral School / UAM



The Procedures that regulate the follow-up of UAM doctoral students indicate that a doctoral program will be withdrawn as a consequence of not having renewed the annual registration, or for having obtained two consecutive negative evaluations from the same tutelage.

In anticipation that these withdrawals are a consequence of exceptional circumstances that have prevented compliance with academic-administrative obligations, the opening of a permanence application period is contemplated. To know the details of the call for permanence, download the bases in the download area.

Deadlines for the year 2023

Submission of applications: from March 17 to 28, 2023 (both inclusive).

Documentation that is necessary to present

  • Application The application for Call for Permanence must contain a statement of reasons according to the model in the download area.
  • Supporting documentation proving the reason(s), the existence of special circumstances in the academic and research career of the doctoral student or the occurrence of special situations that have affected the academic and research life.

Way of submitting applications

The procedures for both the application and the appeal will be carried out solely and exclusively through:

  • Common Electronic Register of the General State Administration
  • Registration located at the Doctoral School (Cantoblanco campus)
  • Register of UAM centers (Rector's Office and faculties building)


Resolution of the call

The applications of the Call for permanence will be resolved by the Permanent Commission of the EDUAM. Individual resolutions will be sent by institutional email (@estudiante.uam.es).

  • If the resolution is favourable, it will be necessary to re-register the guardianship that has not been passed (course 2022-23).
  • In the event of obtaining a rejection resolution, the doctoral student may file an appeal for reversal, within one month after the notification. If the resolution is confirmed, you will not be able to continue the study plan started