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UAM PhD Week 2023


Final schedule of the week (download PDF)

During the week of June 12 to 16, 2023, the University's Doctoral School will promote different activities with the aim of serving as a meeting point for all doctoral students enrolled in the University's doctoral programs . Additionally, it is intended to give visibility to the research activity carried out by this group of researchers in training, who are developing their doctoral thesis.

Four types of activities will be developed.

Symposium with transversal conferences given by experts on issues considered to be of interest to all doctoral students: Open Science, Research and Gender, Skills Acquisition and Mental Health.

Poster exhibition. It will be an opportunity to present to the university community representative examples of the research carried out in each of the University's Doctoral Programs.

Branch conferences. In a coordinated manner, different activities will be organized aimed at (but not exclusively) the group of doctoral students enrolled in related doctoral programs in the same branch.

Specific Workshops for Doctoral Programs. Doctoral students will present communications to show the progress of the research associated with their doctoral thesis. Even within the scope of each doctoral program, these sessions are open to the attendance of the university community.

Other activities

Organizing Committee EDUAM

PhD student Volunteer:

Marta Villarejo Torres (PD Molecular Biosciences)

Félix Sánchez-Valverde Ortega (PD Biology)

Paula Ramírez Mallavibarrena (PD Biology)

Pablo López Jiménez (PD Biology)

Gerardo Martín López (PD Biology)

Irene Guevara Herrero (PD Education)

Tamara Esquivel Martín (PD Educacation)

Lucía Tejedor Santamaría (PD Pharmacology and Physiology)

Ana Asunción-Criado (PD Contemporary History)

Francisco González Espejito (PD Psychology)

Javier Maroto Rodríguez (PD Epidemiology and Public Health)


Scientific Comittee

Gustavo Yepes Alonso (coordinator PD Astrophysics)

Juan Arredondo Lamas (coordinator PD Molecular Biosciences)

Francisco Zafra Gómez (coordinator PD Molecular Biosciences)

Luis Bolaños Rosa (coordinator PD Biology)

Cristina Soler Rivas (coordinator PD Food Sciences)

Gema Martín Muñoz (coordinator PD Human Sciences: Geography, Anthropology and African and Asian Studies)

José González Novoa (coordinator PD Ecology)

Marta Sandoval Mena (coordinator PD Education)

Jaime Romero de la Fuente (coordinator PD Economy and Business)

Pilar Herrasti González (coordinator PD Electrochemistry. Science and Technology)

Fernando Rodríguez Artalejo (coordinator PD Epidemiology and Public Health)

Olga Fernández López (coordinator PD Artistic, Literary and Cultural Studies)  

Azucena Palacios Alcaine (coordinator PD Hispanic Studies, Language, Literature, History and Thought)

Corina Liesau von Letton-Voreck (coordinator PD Ancient World Studies)

Antonio Carcas Sansuan (coordinator PD Pharmacology and Physiology)

Miguel Salmerón Infante (coordinator PD Philosophy and Language Sciences)

Juan José de Miguel Llorente (coordinator PD Condensed Matter Physics, Nanoscience and Biophysics)

Agustín Sabio Vera (coordinator PD Theoretical Physics)

Antonio Álvarez Ossorio (coordinator PD Modern History)

Miguel Ángel García García (coordinator PD Computer and Telecommunications Engineering)

Carmen Morant Zacarés (coordinator PD Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology)

Óscar Lorenzo González (coordinator PD Medicine and Surgery)

Rafael Rivilla Palma (coordinator PD Microbiology)

María Sotillo Méndez (coordinator PD Psychology)

Lourdes Hernández Apaolaza (coordinador PD Agricultural Chemistry)

Jesús Rodríguez Procopio (coordinator PD Applied Chemistry)

Gema de la Torre Ponce (coordinator PD en Organic Chemistry)

Mokhtar Lamsabhi Belmeknassi (coordinator PD Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modeling)