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In certain circumstances, such as the participation of companies in the program, the existence of confidentiality agreements with companies or the possibility of generating patents, once the preparation of the doctoral thesis has been completed and prior to the request for authorization to defend the thesis, The doctoral student must submit an application to the UAM Research Commission so that the thesis can exceptionally be exempted, for a determined period of time, from the obligation to be fully published in the open digital repository.

This application must be submitted to the General Registry of the Autonomous University of Madrid and must be accompanied by the following specific documents:

a) Document(s) proving that the doctoral thesis is subject to processes of protection and/or transfer of technology and/or knowledge (subject to confidentiality of certain aspects).

b) A complete copy of the thesis on paper.

c) A protected copy of the thesis in digital format containing only the research that can be published. This copy should allow one to get an idea of ​​the research work carried out, so only those aspects of which it is essential to ensure the protection and/or transfer of the results should be hidden. This document will be accompanied by the favorable report or approval of the director(s) of the doctoral thesis and tutor, if any, as well as the person in charge of the counterpart of the existing agreement or commitment.

The Research Commission may require the doctoral student to modify the content and/or format of the protected copy of the doctoral thesis and also to provide all the complementary documentation that it deems appropriate to assess the application.

The Investigation Committee will resolve this request (within a maximum period of 15 days) counted from the date of presentation of the request in the General Registry of the UAM. The request will only be accepted when it is proven that the secrecy is absolutely essential for the protection and/or transfer process and will be temporary. The Research Committee must notify the agreement to the doctoral student/doctoral student and, if favorable, to the thesis supervisor/s, tutor/s and academic committee of the doctoral programme.

The members of the Research Commission that decide on the request will be obliged to maintain absolute confidentiality regarding the content of the doctoral thesis.

The deposit for public information of the doctoral thesis submitted to this procedure will be made with the protected copy.

The members of the board that is to judge the doctoral thesis, who must be expressly warned that the thesis is subject to protection and/or transfer processes, must have access to the complete version of the doctoral thesis and are obliged to maintain absolute confidentiality regarding its content. The protected version of the thesis must be the object of public defense.