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The Doctoral Student Commitee is a representative body that works within the structure of the UAM Doctorate School to represent and defend the interests of doctorate students. It is composed of one representative from each Doctorate Programme in the UAM, each of whom is elected by the doctorate students in the Programme from among them (Updated after elections 2024).

Representatives of doctoral students:



Alba Taboada Villamarín, DP Economics and Business

Vice chairwoman

Nuria Fernández Huetos, DP in Education


Jorge Aparicio Pacheco, DP in Hispanic Studies, Language, Literature, History and Thought 

Marina Tomás Martín, DP in Ecology


Fátima Álvarez Sánchez, DP in Health and Clinic Psychology

Jorge Barbero Barroso, DP in Ancient World Studies

Laura Blanco Cabello, DP in Health and Clinic Psychology

Beatriz de Santos Alonso, DP in Applied Chemistry

Francisco Javier Fernández Alonso, DP in Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology 

Francisco Fernández Villoria, DP in Theoretical Chemistry and Computer Modeling 

Irene Pérez Moreno, DP in Biology

María Salud Pintos Carrillo, DP in Epidemiology and Public Health

Andrés Roca Medina, DP in Human Sciences: Geography, Anthropology and African and Asian Studies. 

Cristina Rodríguez Prada, DP in Psychology

Margarita Sánchez González, DP in Law and Public Policies


The rest of the DP have not elected a representative.


Minutes of the Council of Representatives of Doctoral Students