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Doctoral School / UAM

Clinical and Health Psychology

Programa de Doctorado en Psicología Clínica y de la Salud



This PhD Program will not admit students from the course 2021/22 and on. The students that are interested in the Research Lines related to this PhD Program can request the admission to the PhD in Psichology



The Doctoral Program in Clinical and Health Psychology is offered by the Faculty of Psychology with the aim of training doctors in the area of Health Sciences and, more specifically, in the field of Psychology. The recommended admission profile is a person with advanced knowledge on psychology and with a sufficient methodological basis that allows him/her to design and begin to develop a research project. This doctoral program (with REFERENCE: 2011-00413) obtained the Honorable Mention of the Ministry of Education (Order EDU / 3429/2010) in July 2011.

More than 70 researchers participate in the program as potential dissertation supervisors, contributing in several lines of research framed in the areas of Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, and Methodology. These researchers have extensive and certified research experience, belong to acknowledged research groups, and have ongoing research projects funded by European, national, and regional institutions, a fact which represents an optimal scenario for the incorporation of researchers in training.

The ultimate training goals of the doctoral program are to acquire competence and autonomy to design and carry out research projects in an autonomous way; knowing how to operate in innovative, multidisciplinary and international scientific contexts in psychology; knowing how to integrate knowledge, critique, and defend complex solutions and ideas; and being able to communicate with the scientific community and society in different contexts to foster the development of a knowledge-based society.


Research lines:


  •    Evaluation and Intervention in Clinical and Health Psychology
  •    Emotion, health and behavior
  •    Cognitive and affective neuroscience
  •    Models and applications in Statistics and Psychometrics
  •    In order to get the Admission to this Program, is necessary to present the following documents:


-   Updated Curriculum Vitae

-   Motivation Letter.




Degree Official Documentation


Facts & Figures

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Facts and Figures 1
Facts and Figures 1