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Supervising Agreement ("Compromiso Documental")

The supervision tasks for each PhD student will be established in a document signed by the Doctorate Programme Coordinator, the PhD student, their Personal Supervisor ("Tutor") and their Thesis Supervisor ("Director").
This Supervising Agreement ("Compromiso Documental") will include a conflict resolution procedure and will deal with aspects related to the intellectual or industrial property rights that could be generated during the PhD Programme.

The process of signing this document must be initiated by the PhD student as soon as possible after registration. The document, with the signatures of all the parties involved, will be sent by email to doctorado.gestion@uam.es within one month from the date of first enrollment. Once the process of signing the document is completed, it will be filed.

The PhD studient may request a copy of this document at the Doctoral School.
Keep in mind that, if your Personal Supervisor ("Tutor") or your Thesis Supervisor ("Director") don't have access to Sigma, one of the most probable causes is that we have not received your Supervising Agreement ("Compromiso Documental"), so it is very importat to send it as soon as possible.