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Departamento de Física TeóricaDepartamento de Física Teórica

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Long Term Visitors

Information for Long Term Visitors

How to RegisterThe first step you must take is to register in the Department’s intranet. To do so:

Please fill out application in the following link:

After filling out the application and signing on the web, please stop by secretariat with the following documents:

  • ID Card/Passport
  • Mailing address.
  • Cell phone.
  • Bank account

Additionally, and in relationship with this Department, you must provide the following documentation:

  • Proof of Grant / Contract (for those with a scholarship or signed contract)
  • Proof of enrollment in the PhD program (for those who have signed up for it).
  • PIF-Form (Research Staff in Training) for those who need to complete it (teaching assistants and fellows).

To obtain the form and/or more information, click here.

You must also to subscribe to the Department/IFT seminars lists in these address:
https://listas-correo.uam.es/sympa/info/seminarios-ft-l (for the Department list)
https://listas.csic.es/wws/info/ift-seminars (for the IFT list)

How to get an accountOnce you have the Department’s authorization you should proceed to get an e-mail account.

You can get an e-mail of the University (e-mail@uam.es account) here, by clicking on "Solicitar Alta en el Servicio de Correo Electrónico (PDI, PAS y Becarios)".

Getting an OfficeUnder Construction.

AccomodationYou can acquire important information regarding student housing at the following link:   http://www.uam.es/ss/Satellite/en/1234886380011/contenidoFinal/Alojamientos_universitarios.htm

Health InsuranceSeguro Médico

Supervisors of the Various Departmentshttp://www.uam.es/ss/Satellite/FisicaTeorica/en/1242650513376/listadoCategorizado/Supervisors_of_.....htm

General InformationHelp OfficeThe University has a special office (“Oficina de Acogida") which is dedicated to facilitating  the access, arrival and stay of UAM students, teaching staff and researchers from outside the EU. You will find pertinent information at the following link:

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