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UAM provides E-mail accounts to all those people related to the university. Information Technologies is responsible for providing this service to the whole university community.



Comunidad ALUMNI


Investigadores Visitantes

Personal de Administracion y Servicios

Personal de la Fundación de la UAM

Personal Docente Investigador

Subject matterInfraestructura de ComunicacionesHelp and Support

Telephone: 91-4974029

E-mail: cau@uam.es

Descripción del servicio

Different address formats and services are provided depending on their relationship with UAM:

  • students are given addresses of the type name.surname@estudiante.uam.es and this service is defined in "E-mail for students" (See Catalogue of Services)
  • the rest of the community; PDI (Teaching and Research Staff), visiting teachers, research staff, grant holders, PAS (Administrative and Service Staff), resident contract staff, etc., have addresses of the type name.surname@uam.es
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