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Final Master's Project

Rules for the preparation of the Master's Thesis


The original research work carried out in one of the research groups assigned to the Master's Degree in Pharmacological Research will be presented in written and oral form.

1. The written work or "Master's Thesis" will have a maximum length of 40 pages. Times New Roman 12 font will be used, with spacing of 2 lines and margins of between 2.5 and 3 cm. The text will consist of the following headings:

  • Cover, with title, author and director (s) of the work.
  • Index.
  • Summary (maximum 300 words) and keywords (maximum 5).
  • Introduction, with background and justification of the work done.
  • Objectives and hypotheses.
  • Material and methods.
  • Results, including tables and figures.
  • Discussion.
  • Conclusions.
  • Bibliography, according to the Vancouver format for articles in scientific journals.
  • In the event that the student is a co-author of publications related to the thesis, these may be included in the written work as an Annex.

The written work in PAPER will be presented in triplicate in the Secretary of the Department of Pharmacology of the UAM until the deadline that will be communicated via moodle. 

A PDF copy will be sent to:
ana.briones@uam.es: Cardiovascular Pharmacology
manuela.garcia@uam.es: Neuropsychopharmacology

Along with the presentation of the written work of the Master´s thesis, a confidential report will be delivered by the tutor on the activity and attitude carried out by the student during the research period. Such report shall be delivered in a sealed envelope containing the name of the student and its director at the end of the Master's Degree and shall be deposited in the secretariat of the Department of Pharmacology, together with the PAPER presentation (see template for this report)

2. The oral presentation will be made publicly before a committee formed by three professors, according to the branch of specialization studied. The presentation by the student will have a maximum duration of 15 minutes. The extension of the presentation time will be penalized. After the exhibition, a period of debate will be opened between the student and the members of the evaluation committee.

3. The public presentations of the Master's final work are part of the academic activities of the Master and, therefore, the attendance of all students is required for the different sessions.

Presentation calendar of the Master's Thesis projects:

It will be published on the platform  https://moodle.uam.es/


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