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Place To Place Project

Call for Traineeship Mobility addressed to students with disabilities within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme (Fundación Universia Consortium)

1. Application deadline: Until January 15, 2018.

2. Requirements:

  • Registration requirement: Be a graduate student (with a minimum of 50% of credits passed), an official Master's degree or a doctorate.
  • Degree of Disability: At least 33%, recognized by a certificate issued by a competent authority.
  • Other requirements: According to the "Place To Place" Project Call.

3. Duration: Minimum 2 months - Maximum 4 months.

4. Types of Practices: Consult the specific requirements in the O.R.I. of the faculty for each of the types.

  • Curricular Practices
  • Extracurricular practices
  • Practices of recent graduates.

5. Destinations:

  • The one managed by the interested student.
  • The one offered through the Universia Foundation, in case of participating without having a place.

6. Where to apply: In the General Register of the UAM, directing the documentation to the SERIM of the Plaza Mayor.

7. Necessary documentation: See text of the "Place To Place" Project Call

8. Financial aid: Maximum of 3 months, See quantities in the text of the "Place To Place" Project Call.

The documentation and information of the "Place To Place" Project Call appears in the download area at your disposal (only available in the Spanish area of the website).

For more information, see also UAM Students Calls


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