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Prácticas fuera de la Comunidad de Madrid

Internships within the Erasmus+ Traineeship Programme

1. Specific call of the Faculty within the Erasmus+ Traineeship Programme

  • Nursery Education and Primary Education Degree
  1. Application period: the first of July, the year before your internship starts. One annual convocation.
  2. Matriculation requirements:
  • Third year students: Prácticum I and II
  • Fourth year students: Prácticum III and IV
  1. Additional requirements:
  • Criminal reference transcript once granted the scholarship
  • All the specific requirements indicated in the Faculty Specific Call.
  1. Internship sites:
  • Downloadable database with the internship sites offered below. Updated annually.
  • The student can also offer their own internship site. In this case, consult the International Relations Office before the beginning of the convocation.

2. General call of the Erasmus+ Traineeship Programme

  • Physical Education and Sports Sciences Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Extracurricular (all degrees and masters)
  • Recent graduates (all degrees and masters)
  1. Application period: three months before the beginning of the internship.
  2. Requirements: according to the UAM General Call.

Important: all information and documents are downloadable below (only available in the Spanish area of the website).

For further information, please consult the UAM Students Calls.


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