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Swiss Mobility Programme (SEMP)


1. Application period: December (consult SEMP annual call for exact dates).

2. Requirements:

  • Matriculation requirement: undergraduate students (complete minimum 60 ECTS), first year Master degree students, and doctorate.
  • Language requirements: B2 French and/or B2 English (depending on classes)
  • Additional requirements: according to SEMP Call

3. Academic Period: one semester or full academic year

4. Destinations: available in the download area

5. Application Steps:

  • Complete SIGMA online application
  • Submit printed application to Registry Office: at the Faculty Registry Office or University Central Registry Office.

6. Required documents: consult Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) Call.

7. Financial aid:

  • Amount: dependent on the Swiss Government
  • Duration: five times per semester, maximum two semesters.

All the information and required documents related to the Swiss -European Mobility Programme (SEMP) Call are downloadable below (only available in the Spanish area of the website).

Prácticum subjects are not allowed in this mobility programme.

For further information, please consult the UAM Students Calls.

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Convocatoria SEMP 18-19

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