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Movilidad estudiantes Entrantes (Incoming Students Information)

Incoming Students Information

Welcome to the Psychology International Relations Office

Information for exchange students (Erasmus+, SEMP, International Agreements, UAM- Banco Santander- CEAL, SICUE).

Please, click on this link: Exchange students, for information if you are going to study at the UAM during a semester or a full academic year through an exchange agreement between your home University and the UAM.



Your home University must send us your nomination, taking into account the following deadlines:

  • First semester and full academic year: from April 15th  to May 31st, 2021
  • Second semester: from September 1st  to October 15th, 2021


Once you have been nominated by your home university to study at UAM's Psychology Faculty. You have to do your online application and send the Learning Agreement before Mobility to  (email Subject: LA IN 21-22 + Surname, Name)

  • First semester and full academic year: May 15th  to June 15th, 2021
  • Second semester: October 1st  to October 31st, 2021

Learning Agreement Deadlines

  • Full academic year: January 17th to January 28th, 2022
  • Second semester: January 31st to February 9th, 2022

Premat opening for Second Semester Changes:

  • Full Academic year students: January 17th (9:00) to January 19th, 2022 (17:00)
  • Second Semester students: January 31st (9:00) to February 4th, 2022 (17:00)
  • Extraordinary opening for late changes: February 7th (9:00) to February 8th, 2022 (17:00)



  • Register as a user in Premat Application: Through this link:  UAM - Facultad de Psicologia - Web de prematrícula
  • Select the courses and groups available before elaborating your Learning Agreement to match both.
  • Please check out the schedules of the courses and their groups to avoid overlapping. You can consult the schedules in this link: Second-semester timetable 2021-22
  • Do not forget to save a pdf copy of your Premat selection.
  • Modify your Learning Agreement Learning Agreement Proposal and send it together with your pdf premat copy to, (please, do not forget to fill in the Subject area the following: Surname_Name_Learning_Agreement_During_Mobility)

Briefing Sessions:

Online Application Process 

  1. First step: user’s registration

It is necessary to register as a UAM Internet user. To register as a user you must click here, you will receive your username and password by mail, please check your SPAM folder.

  1. Second step: admission request form

You must use the username and password obtained in your user’s registration in order to access to the admission request form (click here).

IMPORTANT: Confirm at your home university, for which faculty/school at UAM you have been nominated.

To fill in the online application, please click here

NOTE : For incoming students applying for Master Degree courses, please check the requirements to meet (Download area)

Normativa de movilidad

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