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Trabajo Fin de Máster

Trabajo Fin de Máster

The masters thesis ("Trabajo Fin de Masters") is an obligatory component to complete the degree. It accounts for 15 credits of the 60 credits needed to graduate.

Assignment of Supervisors

Students doing the thesis in one year will be assigned a supervisor in early March, and can at that point start working on their thesis.

Students doing the degree over two years may be assigned supervisors in December, and can start working on the thesis at that point.

Students will be asked to provide a list of the areas they wish to address, along with a list of their three preferred supervisors. A committe of teachers will determine which student gets which supervisor (where a particular teacher is requested often, students may not get their first options).

Length and Format

The thesis should consist of around 15,000 words, excluding bibliography and appendices. Since each TFM is an individual work, with different material, structure, density, etc., we accept TFMs with an extent between 12,000 and 18,000 words, if the difference in extent is justifiable given context.

Depending on the interline spacing, margins and images you use, this approximates to around 50 pages double spaced with moderate use of images. This is not however a criteria we use.

There are no explicit style guides, although any of the standard citation guides could be used. Ask your supervisor.

A sample title page is available from  here.

Submission and Tribunals

You can submit your TFM for the 1st convocatoria (mid-June) or for the second convocatoria (early Spetember). The thesis will be examined by a tribunal of three professors (two internal and one from another university). The tribunal will occur about 10 days after submission. Exact dates will be announced here closer to the date.

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