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Official Master's and Doctorate

Master¿s Degree in Marketing Management

Másteren Dirección de Marketing

This Master’s programme seeks to educate managers capable of successfully developing marketing policies and strategies, by instilling skills and abilities related with research in markets, consumer behaviour, brand value, price determination, distribution channels and promotion. The Master is intended for university graduates or those with equivalent officially-recognized degrees.

The Master’s in Marketing Management from the UAM consists of 90 ECTS credits distributed over three semesters. In the last semester, the student may choose a professional itinerary (managerial profile) or an academic itinerary (research profile). The professors belong primarily to the Departamento de Financiación e Investigación Comercial, which is responsible for the organization of the Master’s programme. This department maintains close relationships with firms that specialize in Marketing, enabling effective research and teaching synergies, as well as the establishment of many outside internships for students. The multidisciplinarity of the Master’s is enriched by contributions from professors in other departments in the UAM. The professors in the Master’s programme have extensive teaching experience, accredited research prestige and/or a successful professional career outside the university.

The Summary of the Master explains in depth the educational objectives, skills imparted, teaching methodologies, the study programme, mobility, outside internships and professional opportunities.

The web of Centre for Official Postgraduate Studies offers information about the admission and application process, guidelines for postgraduate studies, academic fees and available scholarships.

Forty seats are offered in each of this Master’s programme’s courses, and about three hundred applications are received from many different countries, mainly from Europe, America, and Asia.

Please note: All courses are offered in Spanish unless otherwise indicated.

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